WWE 2K17 Online Behavior/Content Enforcement Policy


NOTE: Every player accepts the End User License Agreement prior to accessing Online Features for WWE 2K17

Hello, Superstars! 

We're often asked what is and is not acceptable online behavior in WWE 2K, so please reference the list below. 


  • Inappropriate and/or lewd content: nudity, profanity, racism, hate-speech.
  • Illegally modified Superstar attributes.
  • Illegally modified Superstar move-sets.
  • Bullying other users. Examples: users that are part of the same clan insulting the victim via reviews of their content, or making a degrading CAS of victim.
  • Uploading content with the intent of exploiting gameplay and damaging the gameplay environment. 
    • Examples: freezing finishers, invisible Superstars, hacked move-sets, gender-swapped Superstars. (Diva that can fight male Superstars and vice-versa).
  • Repeatedly and intentionally uploading content that falls within any of the criteria above.
  • Boosting/Colluding with other users or accounts to exploit the game for the purpose of gaining wins and rankings, etc. 


Content removal and the number of offenses allowed before suspending or banning an account will vary depending on the severity of the infraction. Users may be permanently banned immediately if the volume of tainted content and/or the volume of player complaints are very high.

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