Can I Transfer My Progress Between iOS and Android?



Hello, Superstars!

We've received a few questions about transferring WWE SuperCard progress between mobile devices and platforms.

Here's the quick answer: Yes, you can transfer your progress and card library between devices. This applies to both upgrades (like, for example, when you go from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 7) and/or playing between devices with completely different mobile OSs. (such as a person switching from an iPad to an Android tablet). Please read below on how to do this.

Facebook Connect (Facebook's single sign-in service) will let you connect your WWE SuperCard content across any compatible device. That includes phones/tablets connected to Google Play as well as iOS devices. 

Game Center (Apple's social game network) will let you connect WWE SuperCard content across any compatible iOS device.

Google Play will let you connect WWE SuperCard content across any compatible Android device.  

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