CivWorld Shutdown: Frequently Asked Questions


When will Civilization World cease operations for good?

The last day that CivWorld will be accessible is May 29th, 2013.


Can I still purchase CivBucks? Will this be the case until the game goes offline?

You may currently purchase more CivBucks. However, please note that the last day for players to buy CivBucks using Facebook Credits will be April 2nd, 2013.


Will I be able to get a refund on CivBucks that I’ve purchased?

No. CivBuck purchases are final, and we will not be able to offer refunds.


What should I do with any CivBucks remaining on my account?

While Civilization World is still online, you will be able to use any remaining CivBucks that still exist on your account, even after the April 2 purchase deadline.


What happens to CivBucks left over on my account after Civilization World shuts down?

After May 29, any unspent CivBucks remaining on your account will expire, and (as mentioned previously) we will not be able to issue refunds for them.


Will the rules still be enforced between now and when CivWorld goes offline? Should I still report bad behavior?

Yes, the Terms of Service are still in effect and the team will be monitoring and enforcing the rules and responding to reports of rule-breaking behavior.

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