Part of the game screen is missing or cropped


When playing Civilization V part of the game screen is missing or cropped, how can I fix this?

On a small number of monitors (particularly widescreen monitors) the game may start up at 1280x720. This will cause some elements of the game to be cut off. This can be remedied by entering the options menu and manually setting the resolution to a supported resolution.

To change this select "Options" from the main menu and then select "Video Options", this will show the screen resolution and allow you to alter it accordingly.

In rare instances, this may not be possible due to the amount of UI that gets cut off. To fix this, you will need to manually edit the "GraphicsSettingsDX9.ini" or "GraphicsSettingsDX11.ini" in \My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\ so that the game launches at 1024x768 (the minimum supported resolution).

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    Chris Oldfield

    Sorry, Windows 7.

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    Adam Majkowski

    I can get the settings to adjust in directX 9 mode. This way, I can turn up all the settings in the video options tab and see the leaders move around and make faces. Although, the stats at the top like gold per turn and culture per turn are cut off and I can not move the window around, I can see the whole entire game screen.


    In directX 10+11, there is no way to adjust the video resolution or options and the edges of the game screen are cut off except I can see the stats on the top clearly and I can move the window around. The leaders don't move and the graphics settings are locked on low.

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    Tom Weddell

    I'll try the .ini but I also am on windows 7 using an i7 2600 chip with on board graphics. (hoped to save a little money) Do I have to buy an outboard GPU? If so, which one?




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    I have tried the steps in this article to no avail.  This happens now on two separate computers with different everything.  My Windows 7 computer with a Geforce 560 and Dell LCD.  The other computer is a MacBook Pro 15 in.    Both are cropped at the bottom of the screen when in game and this seems to have occurred after the most recent patch.  I do not understand why this would happen at all.  1280x720 isnt even an option for me to run the game in, full or windowed.

    I have tried submitting a ticket to 2K with my dxdiag from my Windows machine, but that was nearly a month ago with no response. 

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    This doesnt work for me. Even tried altering the dx11.ini like it explaines.


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    This is BS! sure I could run Civ 5 fine in DX9 for a few weeks. Now it's crashing every 10 minutes and freezing up when I try to load a "large" game. But guess what I can load my game just fine in DX11 but I can't play it because no matter what I do the screen resolution is completely messed up. How dare support send me into the ini file, which by the way DOESN'T WORK! I shouldn't have to spend hours searching the internet for a fix on a game I have paid for. Am I supposed to have a computer science degree just to play a computer game? 

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