How to locate DLC content


The DLC content for Civilization V is spread out in a few different areas of the game menus which may be confusing to some players. Below you will find a list of directions on how to access certain DLC content.

  1. New Leaders - From the main menu, click on the bottom option for DLC. Make sure that all the boxes are checked on this screen. From here, any area of the game menus which allow you to select a leader the new leaders will be available.
  2. Map Packs - Map Packs are different than Scenario Packs in that they can be used in all normal game modes with no "set restrictions" which could be involved with a Scenario. 
    • Single Player - From the main menu, click on Single Player > Set Up Game > Advanced Setup. The DLC Maps will appear under the "Map Type" option.
    • Multiplayer - If Hosting a Game, from the main menu click on Multiplayer > Internet or Local Network > Host Game. The DLC Maps will appear under the "Map Type" option.
  3. Scenario Packs - Scenario Packs are like map packs however they have certain themes or goals which need to be completed. To access scenarios, we first ensure that you have the DLC enabled as described above. Once it's enabled, from the main menu Single Player > Scenarios.
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