Cannot Locate CD/ insert correct CD upon game start


When trying to run the game an error is immediately displayed stating the CD cannot be found?

On a limited number of products, the Play disc is incorrectly labelled.  Run the game with the Install disc in the drive.

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    Daniel McIntyre


    Windows 7 64-bit, new install and fully patched through October 2012. Civ IV v1.74 refused to launch citing the "Cannot locate CD-ROM" error even with Disc 1 in the tray. Uninstalled, removed the 5.25" combo optical/card reader device and replaced it with a known good 5.25" DVD-RW. Re-installed and patched Civ IV 1.74. Still presented the same error. Right-clicked C:\Program Files (x86)\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Civilization4.exe, selected Properties and noticed that Compatibility Mode (XP SP3) was already on. Odd, since I didn't enable it. Selected Change settings for all users, deselected Run this program in compatibility mode, clicked Apply, OK and it works as a local admin or standard user account!

    Hope this helps someone else, 'cause I missed my C4 fix.




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