CivIV with Vista


CivIV with Vista

Unfortunately the game is not certified under Windows Vista as it was released before Windows Vista became available. However it is possible to try some steps that may allow the game to run in Windows 2000 / Xp Compatibility mode.

- right click on the shortcut for the game
- left click on Properties
- click on the Compatibility Tab
- tick the box called "Run this program in compatibility mode for"
- select Windows 2000 / Xp
- click on apply
- click on ok

Then, do the following:

1. Delete all temporary files from your system.
To do this click Start, then Start Search, then type %temp%
Select all files and delete them

2. Close down all background tasks.
To do this click Start, then Start Search, then type MSCONFIG and click OK. From there click on the tab marked startup.
Click the button marked as Disable All, then click Apply and Close.
Once this has been done, please reboot the computer and then try the game again.

Also be aware that the expansion Beyond the Sword makes the game compatible with Vista.

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    Maria Isabel Becker

    I tried this and it didn't work!!! Mine is Windows 7 Home Premium Ed. It worked before in my old computer and now it doesn't! And it is not only this game but also CivCity Rome. Next time I won't buy anything from Firaxis.

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    Nicola Clavel-Ouellette

    can't find the compatibility mode


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    Did not work in either 2000 or XP (Svc Pack 2). I also tried adding combinations checking the "Run as administrator" box on the compatibility tab, but could not find any variation that worked.

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