Civilization Revolution Multiplayer FAQ (iOS)


What do players get when downloading this update from the App Store?

When downloading the Multiplayer Update for Civilization Revolution iOS from the App Store, players will download:

  • The new in-game store featuring in-app purchase items (full list below).
  • Other bug fixes and design changes


What’s new in this update?

In addition to some minor bug fixes and some other design changes, several in-app purchases featuring new content and modes are now available: 

  • Multiplayer game mode – For purchase at $2.99
  • New Units/Building bundles – For purchase at $0.99
  • New Wonders Bundle – For purchase at $0.99
  • New Civ Master Bundle – For purchase at $3.99

You can find out more details about each bundle here.


Can the iPhone version and iPad version connect to one another in multiplayer matches?

Yes, both of these versions are cross-compatible.


What are the differences in the two Multiplayer match types (Quick and Normal)?

  • Quick mode is a faster-paced match with faster production rates, and it is limited to a maximum of 50 turns.
  • Normal mode is a fully-customizable match. The host gets to choose the settings.


What determines the winner if the 50-turn cap is reached in a Multiplayer (Quick Mode) match?

If neither player has achieved a Domination, Science, or other victory type by the time the 50 turns are up, the winner will be whichever player has a higher leader score. The leader score for each Civ can be found on the in-game score board on the left side of the screen when in a Multiplayer match. It can also be found before loading into a match on the match description displayed in the game list.


How do I play a random opponent or invite my friends to play?

  • In order to connect to a multiplayer match of any type, players must be logged into a valid Game Center account.
  • When in the Multiplayer game lobby, select the option “Create a New Game” in order to bring up the Game Center prompts and start creating/locating a match.
  • To play against a random opponent, select “Play Now” when there is at least one slot listed as Auto-Match. (Note that you can add additional opponents/slots, up to 4 players, by selecting the + sign)
  • To play against a friend, select “Invite Friend” and choose from your list of Game Center friends.


Are there new Achievements and leaderboards?

  • There are 11 new achievements and 1 new leaderboard in this update.
  • Since the new achievements and leaderboard correspond to the Multiplayer portion of the game, the Multiplayer in-app-purchase must be owned to unlock those new achievements or rank on the new leaderboard.
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