Complete Play Disc into CD Drive


When attempting to run the game I get a Disk read error: "Please insert Civilization III: Complete Play Disc into CD Drive"

To run this game you need to install the game using safe mode to stop windows background applications from corrupting the install of the game. Please do the following :

1. Uninstall the game from your system and delete any remaining files or folders it leaves behind.

2. Right click on your windows desktop and create a new folder.

3. With the disc in the drive go to My Computer and right click on the CD drive and select open

4. From the menu bar at the top of the window choose edit, select all then edit and copy.

5. Open the newly created folder on the windows desktop and choose edit and paste.

6. Once the files have copied to the folder, restart the PC but keep tapping the F8 key so it starts in safe mode.

7. From safe mode go to the new folder on the desktop and double click on the file called setup.exe.

8. Once the game is installed restart the PC back to normal windows and play the game

9. Delete the folder created on the desktop

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