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Where can I download the Stronghold 2 patch and what does it change?

The game features an autopatch feature, prompting you to download and install the patch on launching. If, however the game is blocked by a firewall or router, the patch can be obtained from the links below:

For US versions of the game: Click here
For European version of the game: Click here

For European Deluxe edition: Click here


8 New Historical Castles – Including Windsor in England, The Heuneburg in Germany and Fougère in France
3 New AI Players - The Queen, the Bishop and Noble Sir Grey
4 New Kingmaker Maps – Including maps based on Europe and Korea
'The Conquest Trail' - A whole new game mode where you must battle through a collection of Europe’s mightiest castles!
Game Balancing

Pheasant hunting less productive but deer hunting more productive.
Apple Farms more productive.
Dairy Farms more productive.
Pitch production now twice as productive.
Crossbowmen’s firing range and shot damage increased.
Knights cost more to build.
Axe throwers now less effective against metal armor.
Assassins not effected by traps - invisible at closer range.
Monasteries cost less to build and provide more honor.
Gong Farmers or Falconers are no longer affected by crime.
Towers are more expensive to build.
Gatehouses cost a little more to build.
Statues provide less honour.
Tunnelling range reduced.
Cannot now tunnel under water.
Moat costs reduced.
Rock throwers and baskets now have triple damage.
The range of burning logs has been halved.
Torture devices now give honour every month
Bug Fixes

Various gameplay and movement code optimizations.
Fixed occasional crash in War Chapter 4 and 6.
Fixed a crash when selecting the map type in editor.
All objects in editor can now be deleted
Fixed crash to desktop experienced playing War Chapter 4 and 6.
Fixed issues with knights mounting horses.
Fixed controlling gatehouses bug.
Fixed pitch workers turning to crime bug.
Fixed invisible outlaws bug.
Fixed Lord walking on keep bug.
Fixed speech when placing pitch.
Fixed rocks sticking through buildings.
Fixed stone tippers on walls bug.
Fixed catapults not firing stone bug.
Fixed mangonels firing at long range bug.
Rock baskets can now be placed on towers and gatehouses.
Honor from punishments is now displayed in the interface.
Stopping carter post now refunds goods.
Various other bug fixes.

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