I am encountering performance issues while playing Shattered Union


I am encountering performance issues while playing Shattered Union

The three most important factors in determining how smoothly Shattered Union plays are your CPU, RAM, and Video Card. Shattered Union is playable with the minimum specifications listed above, but plays more smoothly the faster your CPU is, the more system RAM you have, and the more Video RAM your video card has. In general, Shattered Union detects your machines specifications and adjusts certain game parameters accordingly. If you wish to tweak things yourself, bring up the settings window (press <F6> in the game world).

If the game is running slow, try turning down the options in the 'graphics' tab. Resolution has a large impact on the play speed of the game, and the lower it is the faster the game will run. Full Screen mode is faster than windowed mode. If the game continues to run slow, try turning down both draw distance and particles before changing the others. The other settings can be lowered as well if problems persist, as the higher any of them are the slower the game will run.

Also, you are strongly encouraged to shut down other applications before launching Shattered Union - other applications can drain resources and slow the overall system down.

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