Shattered Union and video card compatibility


Shattered Union and video card compatibility

You must have a video card with at least 128MB of Video RAM that supports Vertex and Pixel Shaders v1.4 or higher to play Shattered Union. Certain older video cards with 64MB of Video RAM that support Vertex and Pixel Shaders v1.4 may be able to run the game, but may have drastic video artifacts that make the game unplayable.

Cards and/or chipsets that have been successfully tested on Shattered Union
(with 128 MB of video RAM or more), include:

PNY GeForce 4 Verto
MSI GeForce 4 Titanium 4200
Chaintech GeForce FX5200
GeForce FX5600
GeForce FX5700LE 256MB
Chaintech GeForce PCX5700 (PCIe)
e-Geforce FX 5700le 256MB
GeForceFX 5800 ASUS V9900
LeadtekWinFast A380 GeForce FX 5950 Ultra
nVidia GeForceFX 6800 (PCIe) 256MB
nVidia GeForceFX 6800 GT
ATI Radeon 9500
ATI Radeon 9550 256MB
ATI Sapphire Radeon 9800
ATI Radeon 9800XT
Saphire ATI X300SE (PCIe) 128MB

To ensure compatibility and optimal performance, be sure to download and install the latest drivers for your video card.

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