OpenAL support in Prey


OpenAL support in Prey

Enabling OpenAL in Prey will result in a much richer soundscape within the game. OpenAL applies the dynamics of the room to the sounds, so the sounds will match with the environment. For example, the sounds will have more of an echo in a tight corridor than in a wide-open room.

To enable OpenAL, go to the Options Menu and then choose the Audio Tab. You can toggle between OpenAL and the Default Sound System.

Note that you must have a sound card that supports EAX4 or higher (such as the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi series) and the latest OpenAL drivers installed. If you do not have the latest drivers installed, Prey will display a button you can press which will take you to the Creative Labs website to download the latest drivers. Please go to the Creative Labs website for directions on installing the drivers.

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