Performance issues


I am encountering performance issues while playing Jade Empire.

The installer for Jade Empire automatically detects the type of system you have and configures your option settings for optimal gameplay when you first install. You can adjust the option settings later but if you turn up your options this may cause slowdowns in gameplay if you are runningon less than a recommended system (see above under System Requirements).

Defragging your hard drive makes saving the game much faster - we recommend you defrag your hard drive prior to installing and occasionally between play sessions.

If you are experiencing slowdowns or poor performance, we recommend that you try turning down Options settings such as:

-Turn off all the video options such as Anti-aliasing, Soft Shadows, Bloom Lighting, Focus Trails, etc.
-Reduce the resolution to a setting below that of your desktop.

If you have many programs running in the background, this can also cause Jade Empire PC to slow down as CPU power is being used by other programs.
it is recommended that all non-essential programs are exited before running Jade Empire.

A recommended system will be able to play the game with most of the advanced options turned on while a minimum spec system may require some of these options to be turned off.



For further Jade Empire support, please reach out to the EA Help Center at http://help.ea.com.

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