How do I import characters from the original campaign into my game?


How do I import characters from the original campaign into my game?

Before converting the heroes into Broken World, please note that once converted the characters will not be usable by the original game.

If you wish to convert a hero, load up Broken World. From the main menu goto "Single Player".

This gives three options "Create New Hero", "Delete Hero", "Convert Hero".

Select "Convert Hero".

This will show the heroes that Broken World can detect from the original game, select your hero using the left and right arrows, then press "Convert"

Clicking Convert will not give you any confirmation on screen that it was successful, however the next screen will allow you to see your old hero alongside the new heroes in Broken World.

You will now be able to click on "Next" to move into the game with your converted hero.

If it shows no heroes to convert, then please check the folder where the heroes are kept for Dungeon Siege 2 :

"My Documents\My Games\Dungeon Siege 2\Save\SinglePlayer"

Make sure this has a folder with the name of your hero. If this folder is not found,then Dungeon Siege 2 is saving your heroes in a none default location. You will need to move the heroes folders to this location and repeat the process.

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    David Lee Cox

    When converting your hero, be sure u have the 6 heroes in your party selected that you want to keep. anybody in the inn will be immediately lost. That includes animals and equipment in their inventories. Place all extra equipment in your chosen heroes inventory to keep it, before you leave DS2 to convert into Broken World.

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