[iOS/Android] I can’t log in to MyNBA2K14 mobile app my email/password are not working


When logging in to the MyNBA2K14 application you will see two buttons which correspond with different game modes and require different log-ins.

The top button is "NBA2K14" sometimes referred to as "MyGame". When you want to log-in to this mode, you will have to use the same log-in as the console log-in to your 2KSports account. You can only play this mode with a valid 2KSports account which you can only create via your console by going online. Make sure that you have this account created before trying to attempt to log in to your MyNBA2K14 app.

  1. To verify whether you have a 2KSports account, please visit NBA2K.com. This site uses the same log-in credentials as the MyNBA2K companion application, and it will allow us to determine whether the issue is a log-in/password error or an application error.
  2. If the site does not log you in, (please note to enter your email address in the box where it is asking for your MyPLAYER account name)  you can try a password recovery. If you get the error message "Unable to find user with email: ....." it means that there is no 2KSports account registered with that particular email address.
  3. If your log-in to the NBA2K.com site is not working, please log-in to your console. Go online, go to "NBA2K14" and create your 2KSports account. Once this is created, you can use this email and password combination to log-in to your iOS app.

The second button shows "MyTeam Mobile", which is a mode which you can play by logging in via FaceBook and GameCenter/GameCircle/Google+  (the latter option depends which device you are using)



  • Please ensure that you are trying to log in to the latest version of the app.
  • This app supports NBA 2K14 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.


In the event that you can successfully log in to NBA2K.com with your credentials, but they do not work for your app, please contact our support team.


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