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When I Create my own Finishing move, why are there only certain animations available when attempting to create my own Finisher from the Top Rope?

The user has the ability to create their finishing move in the Creations portion of the game.

In order to see different results at the end of your custom move, try assigning different path combinations. For example, change the flip to a descent in the path. Since you changed this portion of the path, other options will become available.


When I assign my favorite Suplex move to my favorite Superstar Rey Mysterio, I noticed that move doesn’t always work against larger players in the game. How Come?

The Game has a Weight Detection System for move accuracy. Weight Detection will not allow a smaller Superstar to pick up a larger Superstar since this would appear unnatural.

You have the ability to turn Weight Detection On or Off in the options menu. To change this setting, go to Options > Gameplay > Match Options > In-Game Options. Weight Detection will appear at the bottom of the list and allow you to turn the ability On or Off.


After dominating in my last match I noticed that I had a prompt when standing near the Turnbuckle that said OMG. When I pressed the button after seeing the OMG prompt, I went into this really cool animation. What is an OMG?

OMG moments are Character specific moments that appear near the Turnbuckles or Barricades that allows the Superstar to pull off a Super Finisher.

OMG stands for “Oh My God!”. To experience an OMG moment, you must first successfully build up at least one Finisher or 3 Finishers in the case of an OMG moment from the Turnbuckle corner as that is the requirement for that specific instance. Once the required number of Finishers has been collected, you may stand near a Turnbuckle corner, Barrier (Floor) corner, the Cell corners in a Hell in the Cell match and/or the Announcers Table to get the prompt to perform an OMG moment. These areas are Character specific and some Superstars even have unique OMG moments!

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