WWE Attitude Era FAQ


How do you initiate the WWE Attitude Moment in a match that lists one as a Match Objective?

To initiate the WWE Attitude Moment, you’ll have to damage your opponent to critical. Then, you’ll have to pick up your opponent and punch him out of the groggy state for the WWE Attitude Era Moment to trigger. Once the WWE Attitude Moment triggers, you’ll be required to press the button that is prompted on the bottom left of the screen to successfully complete the WWE Attitude Moment.


What is the difference between the Last Man Standing Match and the First Blood Match between Kane and Stone Cold?

The Last Man Standing Match between Kane and Stone Cold is played when the Blood Option is set to OFF. This is the default option for the game when entering Attitude Era. To play the First Blood Match, you will need to go to the Options Menu in the Timeline Menu and turn Blood to ON. This will cause the Superstars to bleed when damaging the head of the Superstar.


How do you flip the opponent over the steel stairs?

When you have the opponent outside the ring near the steel stairs, Irish whip the opponent into the side of the steel stairs for the opponent to flip over them. If you aim the opponent toward the front of the stairs, they will not flip over and the stairs will instead turn into a usable weapon.


How do you perform a Power Bomb on Road Dogg to put him through a table with Chris Jericho?

To perform a Power Bomb on Road Dogg with Chris Jericho, you’ll have to build up a Finisher. Y2J Chris Jericho will have the Power Bomb as a Standing Finisher and the Lion Tamer as a Ground Finisher. You’ll have to set up table in the ring or outside and Power Bomb Road Dogg through the table.


Why can’t I get the Achievement “A Winning combination!” when playing an Iron Man Match?

The Achievement only unlocks when winning the match.

Play any match other than Iron Man or Championship Scramble.

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