[Xbox One/PS4] Content not loading: Store/Closet images, NBA Today, Rosters, MyCareer name


The team is aware of certain cases where some content does not load in as expected. This can present itself in a number of ways: 

  • You're unable to see thumbnail images in the store/closet.
  • NBA Today video does not appear.
  • All players appear with default brown clothing in the Park.
  • New jerseys don’t load.
  • Forced to use the original 2K14 roster.
  • Seeing stars/asterisks (*) in place of the player's name in MyCAREER loading screen.

If you experience this, please try the following workaround:

Before booting up the game, make sure you are signed in to your Xbox Gamertag/PSNID.

To put it another way, if you typically start the game by inserting the disc in the console (such as putting in the disc when the console is turned off) and are encountering this issue, please exit the game completely, go all the way back to the Xbox/PS4 dashboard, make sure you're signed in to your gamertag/PSNID, and then boot the game back up.

If this does not resolve the issue, please try the following:

  1. Power down your Xbox One/PS4 completely (hold the power button until it switches off).
  2. Disconnect your console from power.
  3. Plug your console back in.
  4. Turn on your console.
  5. Sign into your PSNid/Xbox Gamertag
  6. Load NBA 2K14
  7. Watch the entire Intro video without skipping through.
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