I Can't Spend Virtual Currency That I Earned/Purchased in NBA 2K14 MyCareer


NBA2K14's MyCAREER mode can be played online as well as offline. If your console is connected to the internet at the time of creation of your MyCAREER file, your MyCAREER will be classified as "online". In the event that you were not connected (whether you were still downloading/installing a patch, or experienced network problems) your account will be "offline".

It is possible that you have unknowingly been playing an offline MyCAREER, and when you go to purchase VC, you won’t see the purchase show up or add to your total VC value, as purchased VC will only show up in a MyCAREER that was created online (and created when NBA 2K14 is fully up-to-date). Currently, the best way to determine whether you have an online or offline save file is to load into MyCAREER, and then view your VC total in the "2K Menu Nav" screen by pressing the Circle button on PS4 or the B button on Xbox One.

Offline or Online? At the bottom of the 2K Menu Nav screen, you will either see:


  • The letters "VC" and a value – This marks an offline MyCareer. If this is the case, this value can also be referred to as "Skill Points." Note: On the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions, the letters "SP" will be shown in an offline MyCareer.


  • A gold coin with a value – This marks an online MyCareer. This is Virtual Currency that you either purchased or earned while playing NBA 2K14 or the MyNBA2K14 app.


Can I switch an Offline profile back to Online?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to switch your current offline MyCAREER to an online MyCAREER.

If you have verified that your MyCAREER file is offline using the method explained above, you will need to create a new MyCAREER save when you are connected to the internet and NBA 2K14 has installed the latest updates in order for you to have access to your purchased VC. Also, please note that when you attempt to play with a MyCAREER file that was created when you were online, but now find yourself without an Internet connection, you will receive a message that says:

"Unable to connect to 2K Sports Server.  Continuing will result in this being an Offline MyCAREER, where you will earn/spend Skill Points instead of VC.  Are you sure you want to continue?"

With an online MyCAREER, you will always receive this notification as it is not possible to switch to an offline MyCAREER without agreeing to this first.


NOTE: By agreeing to set your MyCAREER offline, you are agreeing that all earned spent/purchased VC will be switched to SP.  As such, we are unable to reimburse such VC as, it is still tied to your account. 

If you choose to proceed, you are agreeing to this permanent switch.  This means that we have no way of switching such Careers back to earning VC instead of SP (i.e. being an online MyCAREER again).  Offline MyCAREERs still have all VC spent on them in the form of SP. However, you cannot purchase additional VC for this career file or play this career Online. To help prevent this from happening, please contact customer service to assist you with troubleshooting your connection so we can get you back playing your MyCAREER online again.


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