2K Online Server Migration from GameSpy Technology

Update for 7/28/2014:

BORDERLANDS (PC): An update has been released for Borderlands on Steam. Changes:

  • Removed SecuRom from the title and all DLC 
  • Added a “Granting Tool” In the steam “Tools” section that turns a retail Borderlands disc into a Steam version of Borderlands. Need help with that? Here's our guide.
  • “News Ticker” added to the main menu to give you updates on the Multiplayer restoration updates. 
  • Imported SecuRom DLC keys into Steam, so if you bought DLC outside of Steam, activate it within Steam and get your matching content.

Steamworks multiplayer will arrive in a future update.



Update for 6/16/2014:

CIVILIZATION IV: Due to requests that the Direct IP multiplayer option remain available for the Civilization IV titles after the switch to Steamworks, we are making the original (unsupported) GameSpy Version of the Civilization IV titles available for download via Steam. This will allow players to continue Direct IP games if they wish to do so. To install, please read this installation guide.  


Update for 6/5/2014:

CIVILIZATION IV: The patch that replaces GameSpy with Steamworks for multiplayer functionality is now available via Steam. The game functions identically to the previous GameSpy version with the exception that the “Direct IP” option has been removed as it is no longer supported. Save game data should not be negatively affected. If you own a physical disc version of Civilization IV and are interested in receiving this multiplayer update, please submit a support request.


Update for 5/30/2014:

As previously announced, due to GameSpy Technology's termination, 2K titles currently utilizing the company’s online service offerings will go offline on May 31, 2014. For PC games making the transition to Steamworks, we wanted to provide an update on the estimated “down time” for online multiplayer support, as development work remains in progress:

  • Civilization IV: Online functionality is currently targeted for release in June 2014; Update available now (6/5/2014);
  • Borderlands: Online functionality is currently targeted for release in Summer 2014;
  • Civilization III: Currently, we do not have a firm estimate for the resumption of online services. 2K will provide updates to this article as details are finalized.

As a reminder, online service interruptions will not impact offline/single-player gameplay, but we apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.

In addition, we've received many questions from fans who own editions of Borderlands PC and/or Civilization IV that offered disc-based activation (vs. editions that included activation codes within packaging). 2K is working on a solution for these fans. We will post details and instructions to our Knowledge Base closer to the release of the Steamworks updates for these titles.


Original post from 4/22/2014:

2K will be making online service changes for several titles as a result of GameSpy Technology terminating its online service offerings for video games. 

Beginning May 31, 2014, Borderlands® 1 and select titles from the Civilization® catalog will temporarily go offline while service is transitioned to Steamworks. During the transition, players will experience interruption of several features, including online play, matchmaking and voiceover Internet protocol (VOIP) where applicable. Players will not experience interruptions to offline play.

The list of 2K titles currently slated for online migration includes: 

  • Borderlands® (PC)
  • Civilization® III
  • Civilization® III: Conquests
  • Civilization® III: Play the World
  • Civilization® IV
  • Civilization® IV: Beyond the Sword
  • Civilization® IV: Colonization
  • Civilization® IV: Warlords

Starting May 31, Borderlands® 1 PS3 and Civilization® Revolution PS3 will also go offline as a result of GameSpy Technology's online service termination.  We are currently investigating the technical feasibility of transitioning those titles. Again, players will not experience interruptions to offline play for these titles.  We will provide updates as they become available.

Additionally, 2K will discontinue online service functionality for a number of our legacy titles that use GameSpy. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

2K titles losing online service as of May 31, 2014

  • Close Combat First to Fight (PC / Mac)
  • Jetfighter (PC)
  • Jetfighter V: Homeland Protector (PC)
  • Leadfoot (PC)
  • Rune (PC)
  • Stronghold 2 (PC)
  • Stronghold Legends (PC)
  • Top Spin (PS2 / PC)
  • Top Spin 2 (PC / DS)
  • Vietcong (PC)
  • Vietcong Demo (PC)
  • Vietcong Fist Alpha (PC)
  • Vietcong 2 (PC)
  • Vietcong 2 Demo (PC)
  • MLB Fantasy All-Stars (DS)
  • Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution (DS)
  • Major League Baseball 2K9 Fantasy All-Stars (DS)
  • NHL 2K10 (Wii)
  • NBA 2K10 (Wii)

Additional Nintendo DS and Wii titles may be impacted by the discontinuation of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service on May 20, 2014. More details can be found at Nintendo's website.

Please note: We will update this article with the latest developments regarding service interruptions and future support for the Civilization and Borderlands titles listed above. To receive the latest updates about online service for these games, you may subscribe to this article by signing in to your 2K Support account and clicking the "Follow" link in the upper-right.

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