How to acquire NBA 2K14 MyTEAM Chase Cards


In NBA 2K14, almost all player cards can be found by opening card packs. However, there are several rare and illustrious "chase cards" which can only be obtained by achieving certain criteria in the game, or by promotional Locker Codes.

Here are the prerequisites for unlocking these cards:

  • Diamond Durant – Via Locker Code only.
  • Diamond Kobe – Via Locker Code only.
  • Diamond Rose – Acquire all the cards in game, reaching Collector Level "GOAT"
  • Diamond Carmelo – Acquire Diamond LeBron, Diamond Jordan, Diamond Kobe, and the equivalent to reaching Collector Level "His Airness."
  • Diamond LeBron – Collect the best NBA player from each Modern Team  
  • Diamond Jordan - Collect all of the NBA Historic pack players 
  • Sapphire Rose – Reach Seed 1 in Road to Playoffs (RTP)
  • Sapphire Durant – Reach Seed 2 in RTP
  • Sapphire Griffin – Reach Seed 3 in RTP
  • Sapphire Harden – Rockets Away Tournament
  • Ruby Curry – The Golden Team Tournament
  • Ruby Iguodala - Via Locker Code only.
  • Sapphire Iverson – Here’s the Question Tournament
  • Sapphire Pippen – One of the 50 Greatest of All Time Tournament


For the cards that require a special locker code, please be sure to follow @NBA2K on Twitter for the latest announcements regarding code giveaways.

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