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WWE SuperCard Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I mistakenly put the wrong name in for my in-game profile name in WWE Supercard. Can I change my in-game name?

  • Answer: At this time you are not able to change your in-game profile name in WWE Supercard.


Question: I was given a default profile picture when starting WWE Supercard. How do I change this?

  • Answer: From the main “Play” screen of WWE Supercard, select your current profile picture—you will see a list of all of your current cards. From here select the current card in your Roster and choose “Set as Champ.”


Question: I am unable to train or combine certain cards in WWE Supercard. Help!

  • Answer: When playing WWE Supercard, you cannot train against Superstars or Divas that are currently in your line-up for either Exhibition or King of the Ring modes. If there is a character you wish to train against, please ensure that they are not in either of these decks.


Question: My special abilities for my Superstar or Diva are not triggering. Why?

  • Answer: Character special abilities that grant additional stats do not activate in every match. While exact percentages cannot be provided, please note that these abilities provide a chance -not a guarantee- of increasing stats.


Question: Can I directly challenge my Facebook friends in Exhibition or King of the Ring matches? 

  • Answer: At the moment, there is not an option to directly challenge your Facebook friends in the game. 


NOTE: We will update this FAQ as we discover more questions. 

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