[iOS] BioShock FAQ


It's time to once again return to Rapture, this time via iOS. We've been getting asked a lot of questions about BioShock's mobile incarnation, so the team has put together a preliminary FAQ.

NOTE: We will be adding to this post as needed. 


Question: What iOS devices will BioShock Mobile not support?

Answer: The game will not support iPhone 4s and below at launch. Likewise, it will not support iPad 3 and below at launch. If you are playing on an iPhone 5, you may encounter some issues like low framerates and hitching. Please note that your device needs 1 GB of RAM in order to play BioShock.


Question: Are there any in-app purchases?

Answer: No. The App Store price tag covers the entire game's content.


Question: Is there a multiplayer mode in the game?

Answer: No. BioShock Mobile has no multiplayer mode.


Question: Will iOS 8 be supported?

Answer: We will support iOS 8 when it launches in September.


Question: Why can’t I jump?

Answer: As opposed to the console and PC versions of the game, jumping has been removed. All environments in the game have been optimized so this should not be an issue for players. Additionally, the ability to aim down a weapon’s sights has also been removed.


Question: Can I use a controller with BioShock Mobile?

Answer: Yes! The game works with any iOS-compatible Bluetooth controller. That said, all menu navigation must be done with the directional pad instead of the thumbsticks.


Question: When will I be able to play BioShock on Android?

Answer: At this time, we haven’t made any announcements regarding other platforms

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