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Hey there, Hunters! Welcome to Shear! Watch out for the wildlife, though!

(Hey there, Monsters! Welcome to Shear! Those Hunters look mighty tasty, don't they?)

The team is currently aware of -and working on- the following issues in Evolve. We will update this post when we have new information to report, issues have been resolved, or new ones have come to light.

If we have a workaround for said issue, we've included when listing the issue below:


  • In-game
    • Firing Hyde’s flamethrower at the feet of AI characters (Hunters and minions) can result in AI dropping through the map.
      • When this occurs, you should be able to just to re-launch the map to resolve it
  • Defend Maps
    • During the final battle at the power source, Monster minions can possibly fall through the platform around the power source, but they will continue to deal damage to it.
  • Custom Match
    • The character select screen can display graphical corruption when joining players late globally into a Custom Match
      • We recommend having all players in the lobby before launching to avoid this issue.
  • Newsfeed
    • The newsfeed can come up with an error the first time you launch.  With subsequent launches the feed will appear correctly.

PC Specific

  • Cross Fire
    • There are currently performance problems when using cross fire
      • We are working with AMD to resolve the issue
      • We suggest running with a single card if you encounter this problem

Xbox One Specific

  • Re-joining a session following loss of connection to Xbox Live
    • There is a known issue that if a player loses connection to Xbox live within a lobby, that same player cannot join the session through invitation or joining in progress until the title is rebooted.  

PlayStation 4 Specific

  • Suspending
    • The game may crash if you suspend the game while searching for a multiplayer match.


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