Demystifying MyPark Chat


There may be some confusion over how the MyPark Chat feature works with MyNBA2K15. This post is designed to help make things easier to understand.

MyPark Chat will only work when a player is logged into a PS4 or Xbox One account. The feature doesn't work on PC, Xbox 360, or PS3. You can only detect your PS4 or Xbox One from the app if your mobile device is connected to the same network as those consoles. If you try to connect when on a different network, you will receive a message saying that no console was found. 

Here are the scenarios in which MyNBA2K15's MyPark Chat feature will work:

  1. You are using a router/modem that has land line ports and also creates a wi-fi network. Your console will be hardwired to the router/modem, while your mobile device is connected to the wi-fi network.
  2. Both your console and your mobile device are connected to the same wi-fi network.

This requirement means that people who want to chat in the park will need to be in close proximity to their console. 

You won't be able to chat with people outside of your specific instance of MyPark. That means each instance of the Park you're in can have up to 100 people, meaning these are the only folks you'll be able to chat with.

NOTE: Aside from being on the same network, you also need to make sure you've logged into MyPARK on PS4 or Xbox One with the same account. In order for the app to be populated with the names of other users in the MyPark instance, you need to be connected via your console, too.

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