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Hello, Hunters! We've receive a number of questions about Evolve from the community. This post will serve to answer said questions, and we'll be updating it as new information becomes available.

As more questions are added to this post, we'll break them down into categories based on type (general, technical, content, etc.).

General Questions

What platforms is Evolve available on?

  • Gamers will be able to play Evolve on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Microsoft said something about getting exclusive DLC for Evolve. Can you tell me about that?

  • More information about Xbox One-exclusive DLC will be available soon.

Microsoft also mentioned something about exclusive Evolve tournaments. What’s that all about?

  • We’ll have more information to share about exclusive Microsoft Evolve tournaments in the coming months, but we’re really excited about the potential for the game as an e-sport.

Will I be able to play against all unlocked monsters/hunters even if I have not yet unlocked them?

  • Yes, if another player has unlocked new hunters/monsters they will appear in your matches.

 Can I gain character perks as the game goes on?

  • No. You only can choose one character perk at the beginning of the game round. That said, some (note: Some, not all) Elite creature buffs grant the same type of bonus as character perks. In fact, Elite buffs always grant larger bonuses. A player may only have one Elite creature buff at a time and -currently- they only last five minutes. If a new buff is acquired before the old one expires, the former replaces the latter and a fresh five minute timer begins. However, you can unlock new perks through character progression in-game that can be applied at the start of the round.

 If I’m new to the game, will I be matched up with players of similar skill?

  • Yes. The matchmaking system takes rank and experience into account. So, as a new player, you won’t be randomly matched up with seasoned veterans.

Will I be able to unlock content even if I play with/against AI characters?

  • Yes. Even if your friends are offline, you can still play on your own and unlock new characters.

Do character perks stack? An example being how a player might choose a specific perk at the time of character selection and then receive a similar bonus due to an Elite creature kill.

  • Characters only receive one perk each round. However, if you receive an Elite creature buff, it might deliver a similar bonus to your perk and create a stacking effect during the five minutes the buff is active. You can only have one Elite buff attached to your character at a time, but these always deliver a bigger bonus than a perk will.

Will there be dedicated servers?

  • Yes, Evolve uses dedicated servers.

Will Evolve be playable with a controller on the PC?

  • Yes, you can play Evolve on PC with a controller. For a guide on how to set up a wired controller with your PC, please go here.

Will Evolve be playable on Mac OS?

  • At this time, no. Evolve is available on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

Will I be able to stream Evolve if I play the game on my console?

Where can I view my Mastery in Evolve?

  • In the Profile menu, Mastery is on the second page and beyond under each class. Example: Goliath Mastery is page 2 under "Monster".

Are we able to play with users from another country?

  • Yes, you can, but matchmaking typically won't slot you with players in other countries because network connectivity might be poor. That said, you can invite friends from other countries to play with you.


Why do waypoint markers change color?

  • The waypoint markers change color based on what’s been marked. Marked wildlife turn orange and labels them with the wildlife’s name. The Monster turns a waypoint marker red. Setting a waypoint in the environment will ping yellow (in other words, neutral points are yellow).

Can you swap Hunter characters/classes in the middle of a match?

  • No. You can only swap while you’re at the character select screen. Once you’re in the dropship, your character choice is locked in. You can swap character if a player leaves mid-game, you can take over the bot left behind.

When selecting your character’s Perk, will you be take other players’ character choices into account before making a final decision?

  • You will be able to see what characters your teammates have picked, which means you can choose a complementary character perk. However, you won’t be able to see what choices are being made for the monster.

Can Daisy (Maggie’s AI pet) be caught by a carnivorous plant or the 1-hit-KO wildlife?

  • No, Daisy does not get caught by either of these.


During gameplay, the health and armor bars change as the monster evolves. Why is this?

  • All the health and armor bars are proportional. When the Monster evolves into its next stage, it gets a larger health pool. However, the maximum armor amount will remain the same. As the health pool increases, the armor doesn’t change; the visual change in the bars’ presentations reflects this. Additionally, the Monster loses its armor after evolving, which means it’s vulnerable at the point but can build up armor again by eating wildlife.

How do I charge my Monster’s armor?

  • Charging your armor is accomplished the same way you evolve: by eating the wildlife. When you eat a creature in the game, you receive a corresponding amount of energy for both staging up and charging armor.

Can partied players be Monsters?

  • No, partied players can’t be Monsters.

If a Hunter is eaten by the Monster, how much food is he/she worth?

  • A Hunter is worth a standard amount of food; two “meats.”

Will I be able to see my own footprints if I play as the Monster?

  • Yes, the Monster can see its own footprints when it performs the Sniff action.

Does the Monster have an ability to roar/taunt?

  • Yes and no. There’s no direct taunt ability, but you can start the evolution process to level the Monster up to its next stage and then cancel the procedure. This will cause the Monster to roar out.

How many Monsters will be available at launch?

  • There will be three playable Monsters at time of launch. A fourth playable monster will become available after launch and is free if you pre-order Evolve from any participating retailer.

When a Monster sneaks, does it become invisible?

  • No, the monster crouches and makes less noise when sneaking.


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