Using The Evolve Game Changer Site


When the hunt is this dangerous, you use every edge you can get. 

So, hey, did you know about this Evolve Game Changer website we have? It lets you review your Evolve stats on the web. Here's how it works:

  • Make sure you've connected to my2K in Evolve
  • You'll need to have played the game for a bit. 
    • If you haven't played a full game of Evolve and you log in to the site, your stats will not be reflected accurately.
    • An example of this is that you've properly logged into my2K on all platforms, started at least one game of Evolve, but not completed any of them. If that happens, you will see the marquee telling you to link your my2K account with whatever platform you're playing on. 

Here are a couple of guide points for you to note:

You need to log in to THE SAME my2K account for all of this to sync up

  • Remember kids: Keep things simple and use just one account. my2K won't keep track of your progress if you've logged in with multiple accounts. That means you if you're playing Hunters Quest on one account, but have logged into Evolve with another, one of those accounts won't be tracked when you log into the Game Changer site. 

So how do you actually use this site?

  • Once you've logged in and played a few games, the site will be able to display your stats. When you visit the site after logging in, your stats should automatically appear. 
  • You can change what stats you're looking at by clicking on the menu button in the upper left corner of the screen. This will bring up an extended menu that will let you drill down and see whatever stats you're interested in.
  • The stats you're looking at are tied to a specific platform. If you want to switch the platform view (because you're playing the game on multiple platforms), just click on the gear icon at the upper right of the screen and then select which version of the game you'd like to view your stats for.

NOTE: You'll need to wait up to 15 minutes after your last game for the site to reflect your current statistics.

ANOTHER NOTE: The Game Changer site will only display stats for ranked matches. Ranked matches are Skirmish matches that players join via matchmaking. If this is a custom game you are invited to join, it will not be tracked on the leaderboards.

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