What Carries Over From The Evolve Open Beta?


What's up, Hunters?

We've seen a number of questions about what carries over from the Evolve Open Beta (and Closed Technical Tests) to the full release of the game. Below is a quick breakdown that will hopefully reduce any confusion.

Xbox One

  • If you pre-purchased Evolve on Xbox One, you automatically unlocked both the Wraith and Team C (third-tier) Hunters.
  • If you unlocked Team B and the Kraken in the Open Beta, that will carry over to the main game.
    • If you were able to unlock all Hunters and Monsters during the Open Beta, you will earn the "Collect Them All" achievement after completing your first match.
  • Character mastery and progression is not carried over into the main game (though any character unlocks achieved through character mastery in the Beta does carry over.


  • Character progress and unlocks on PC and PS4 during the Closed Technical Tests do not carry over to the full version of the game. 
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