Resolution In Sid Meier's Starships


We've received some questions about the display resolution in Sid Meier's Starships.

The game will automatically run in the resolution of your monitor. If you want to change this, follow the instructions below: 


  1. Click on the gear icon in the game's main menu. This will bring you to the Settings screen.
  2. In the settings screen, click on "Fullscreen Windowed"
  3. Once the game is in its windowed mode, you can adjust the display size by clicking on the edge of the window and dragging it out or in. 


  1. The game will not fill the monitor when it's booted up. 
  2. You can adjust the size of the game's display by dragging on the edge of the window.
  3. To put the game to fill the screen, click on the green circle at the top of the window.

Windows Notes:

Pressing F11 will act as a shortcut for switching between windowed and full-screen windowed modes.

Now, if you're playing the game in its full-screen mode, you might want to hide the Windows taskbar. You will need to hide the taskbar before entering full-screen mode if you don't want it to be visible during gameplay. Here's how you do that:

  1. Open Taskbar and Start Menu Properties by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, and then clicking Taskbar and Start Menu.
  2. Clear the Lock the taskbar check box.
  3. Select the Auto-hide the taskbar check box. The taskbar is hidden from view.
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