Here Are The Details For All The Different Evolve Digital Editions


Hello, Hunters. 

Hello, Monsters.

If you don't want to brave dangerous roads to pick up a physical copy of Evolve, there's a digital option available. Actually, there are a couple of digital options.

Below is a breakdown on the different digital versions of the game that are available for sale.

NOTE: Pre-purchasing and pre-ordering would get you a free copy of the fourth Monster, Behemoth. At 12:00 AM on February 10, 2015 (local time), the Monster Expansion Pack will no longer be available for free.

Full Game Digital Pre-Purchase on Xbox One

You can pre-purchase the full game online and qualify for the free copy of the Monster Expansion Pack (which includes the fourth Monster – Behemoth.) 

  • Start date: 1/13/15 (Online); 1/18/15 (Select Retailers)
  • End date: 2/9/15
  • ContentsEvolve (Full Game) + Monster Expansion Pack [Savage Goliath Skin granted immediately, Behemoth upon release]  (this is only available if you pre-ordered the game)

To pre-purchase Evolve or the Evolve Digital Deluxe Edition through the Xbox Store on the Xbox One console or online, players should select "Pre-purchase" to buy and download the game. Players will be charged the full amount upon transaction. Evolve will download, along with any updates issued before the February 10, 2015 release date, so the game is up-to-date and ready to play. Then, when the game is officially released to the Xbox Store, timed with local launch availability, players will find Evolve in "My Games & Apps."

NOTE: Some retailers are providing extra exclusives separately. Check with your retailer for details.

Evolve Digital Deluxe version

This is for PC and PS4. The Evolve Digital Deluxe version is essentially a giant digital bundle. Not only does it contain the entire game, but it also has the Hunting Season Pass (which includes four new Hunters) and the Monster Expansion Pack.

  • Contents: Full game, Monster Expansion (this is only available if you pre-ordered the game), 3 Exclusive Monster Skins (Magma Goliath, Magma Wraith, Magma Kraken), and 4 Hunters, when they are released.
  • Consumers will immediately be granted the Monster Skins and the Hunters when they are released.

The Evolve PC Monster Race Edition

This version of the game contains even more content: The Fourth Monster, Behemoth (only if you pre-ordered this version), the Hunting Season Pass (the next four Hunters are yours as they become available after launch and the Magma Monster skins). On top of that, this version locks you in for the unannounced fifth Monster, the fifth and sixth DLC Hunters, and more Monster skins.

  • Contents:
    • Everything in the Digital Deluxe package
      • The Game
      • The Fourth Monster, Behemoth, when available after launch (this is only available if you pre-ordered the game)
      • The Hunting Season Pass
    • The unannounced fifth Monster still in development
    • Two additional Hunters (beyond the four available in the season pass)
    • Four Monster Skins (Limited Time Exclusive): Show the Hunters who’s boss with these limited time Exclusive Monster skins.  Celebrate the release of Behemoth when he comes to Shear with a skin for each of the first four Monsters: Goliath, Kraken, Wraith & Behemoth. 

Where To Buy Digital Editions

You can digitally purchase Evolve for your platform-of-choice from Microsoft, Sony, and/or Steam. However, if you would prefer to buy Evolve from a different vendor, we have a list of participating retailers on the Evolve website that you can check out

NOTE: An official date for PS4 pre-purchase has not been revealed yet. We will update this article when that changes.  

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