Here's How Evolve's DLC Works


We've received a number of questions about Evolve's downloadable content, so this post will provide an explanation on how DLC works.

The first thing you should know is that there's actually two types of DLC: free and paid-for.

New maps are planned to always be free. Additionally, players who haven't purchased characters like new Hunters and Monsters will still be able to play with those who have done so. 

Speaking of paid DLC, here's what is currently planned: 


  • Individual Hunters will be available for purchase, but information on this DLC will be fleshed out closer to the game's launch on February 10, 2015. We will update this post when we have more information to reveal. 

Hunting Season Pass:

  • As we announced over on the Evolve blog, more Hunters are planned. The Evolve Hunting Season Pass will contain four new Hunter characters (one from each class), as well as three new Monster skins (Magma Goliath, Magma Kraken and Magma Wraith). The Monster skins will be available immediately upon pre-purchase and the upcoming Hunters will be available as released.

Monster Expansion Pack: 

  • The Monster Pack comes bundled with Evolve if you pre-order or pre-purchase the game before February 10, 2015. This pack comes with the Savage Goliath skin and a new playable monster (which  you can read about over at the Evolve Blog).


  • There are also plans for more playable monsters in Evolve. The only announced Monster will come in the  Monster Expansion Pack, which is free if you pre-ordered the game, will be available for sale after launch. 

Digital Deluxe Edition: 

  • The Evolve Digital Deluxe Edition will contain the full game and the Hunting Season Pass.

NOTE: Digital pre-purchasing begins January 18th on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Steam.


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