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We've received a number of questions about my2K and its use in Evolve. This post is designed to demystify its purpose and also provide you with some troubleshooting for potential issues.

The biggest question we've received is "Why should I connect to my2K?" my2K provides some benefits for players looking to improve their game in Evolve. Not only does it allow the Evolve Game Changer website access to your game info and provide you with detailed analytics on your gameplay, it also lets you connect to the Hunters Quest mobile app. Hunters Quest lets players unlock exclusive and speeds up the character mastery procress.

If you're encountering issues linking your my2K account with Evolve, we have a couple of tips for you.

General Info:

  • We have an in-depth article over here that explains and answers a lot about my2K. Check it out if you have any questions. 

In Evolve:

  • To link your my2K account to Evolve, select "Extras" on the main menu. At the next screen, your first option should be "my2K Link". Select that option and follow the ensuing instructions to link your account to the game.
  • To un-link your my2K account, go back to the Extras screen and select the same button, which will now say "Unlink my2K".
  • Some players have said they are experiencing issues getting their my2K accounts to link to the game; this is most likely due to the email address associated with their account not being verified. 
    • To verify your account, click on the verification link sent to the address you provided. 
    • If you did not receive a verification email, you should first make sure it didn't get caught in a spam filter. If you still can't find it, you can visit the 2K website, click on the "Missing verification email?" link, and enter your email address. This will immediately send you a new verification email.
  • If you receive an error message stating that your credentials are incorrect, this is most likely due to you using an email address that isn't linked to any my2K account. You'll either need to register that address with my2K or use an email address that's already been registered. 
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