Accessing New Characters/Skins In Evolve


Hey there, Hunters!

So it looks like you've gone ahead and added some new characters to your roster in Evolve via the Monster Expansion Pack and/or the Hunting Season Pass. That's awesome; after all, variety is the spice of life and all of these characters add some very different gameplay mechanics.

The purpose of this post is to show you how to access both these characters and any Skins you acquire (via special events in game) or purchase from the Evolve storefront. 

New Characters

Xbox One

If you're playing Evolve on Xbox One, you'll need to install the DLC. To do this:

  • Select the game on your home screen, press the menu button on your controller, and select "Manage Game". 
  • This will bring you to the Manage Game screen; on the right side of the screen, all the DLC that you've purchased and is available for installation. 

  • Select "Ready to install" and press the A button on your controller. This will bring up a prompt letting you know that the installation may take "a while" but you'll be notified when the content is playable. Select "OK" and let the content install.
  • Once the DLC is installed, fire up Evolve and jump into a match (solo or online, whatever floats your boat). 
  • You'll be able to select the new Hunters/Monster at the character selection screen by scrolling to the right or left. 


  • If you have purchased the Monster Expansion Pack and/or the Hunting Season Pass, the content should automatically install and be playable the next time you start up Evolve. All you have to do is start playing a match and then select the new Hunters/Monster at the character selection screen by scrolling to the right or left.


If you have purchased or unlocked skins in the game then they should install automatically, regardless of platform. All you have to do to access a skin is select "customize" once you've settled on a character to play as and then scroll right or left through the available options in your collection.

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