How Do I Earn Challenge Content In Evolve?


If you're participating in Evolve's weekly Challenge Events and want to ensure that you have the best chance of earning the available content, please be aware of the following:

  • In order to actually qualify for a Challenge Event's rewards, you have to play Evolve during the time frame announced on the Evolve Blog
  • If you are logged in and playing before a Challenge begins but then continue playing into the announced time period, there's a possibility your session may not register (which means you're still not eligible at this point).
    • An example of this would be starting a game at 5 PM (when the Challenge Event starts at 6 PM), playing for a couple of hours, and then not playing again for the rest of the weekend. 
  • Once the Challenge Event is officially underway, what you need to do is log out of the game and then log back in. The game should register this new connection and consider you eligible for the in-game reward.

NOTE: You can play the game in Solo Mode to qualify for a Challenge Event, but you need to make sure you're connected online. A quick way to check this is to open up the store and make sure you can see skins/characters for sale. 

If you did take part in a Challenge Event but haven't received the associated in-game content, please fill out a support ticket so we can look into your case. 

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