Evolve Season Pass 1 Price Change


What's up, Hunters?

If you purchased a copy of the Season Pass from a participating retailer (listed below) on or after June 23, 2015 and paid $24.99 instead of the updated $14.99 price, you are eligible to receive one of the following for free:

  • Behemoth
  • All 4 Predator Skin Packs
  • One Xbox Live CSV card with a value of $10

U.S. Participating Retailers:
GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Toys R Us

Canada Participating Retailers:
EB Games, Best Buy (online only), Future Shop (online only), Walmart (online only), Amazon

Europe Participating Retailers:
GameStop, GAME

Australia and New Zealand:
JB Hi-Fi

Here’s how to qualify for the offer:

  • This offer is only for Xbox One players.
  • You need to have purchased a "Code to Content" from a participating retailer.
  • You need to have purchased and redeemed this card between June 23, 2015 and July 1, 2015.

OK, if you do qualify for the free DLC, we’re going to need you to reply to this email and include the following:

  • A photo of your receipt; if the code is on the receipt, we need the code to be in the photo.
  • A photo of the card (if applicable).
  • Your Gamertag associated with your my2K account you created for Evolve.

NOTE: If you purchased the Season Pass that was bundled with Evolve at a discounted price, you will not qualify for this offer.

If you meet all these requirements and want to take advantage of this offer, fill out a support ticket and we'll be happy to help you out.

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