[PC] How To Redeem Your NBA 2K15 VC Bonus



As we announced in the breakdown on NBA 2K16's pre-purchase offers, pre-ordering the game will net you an immediate VC bonus in NBA 2K15 on the associated platform.

Here's how to redeem the VC bonus on PC:

  • If you're pre-purchasing on Steam, the next time you boot NBA 2K15, you'll have the Locker Code for the 35,000 VC delivered to you automatically.
  • If you buy it through a different digital retailer, they'll email you the Locker Code separately. 

If you've never redeemed a locker code in Steam before, please follow these instructions:

  1. Once NBA 2K15 launches - by default - a popup will appear in the bottom-right of the screen. This popup will contain the code for your pre-order content displayed in a window titled "This Steam game requires a special prodcut key shown below."
  2. Once you are at the Main Menu, select "Features/Options."
  3. Select "Locker Codes."
  4. Enter the code that was displayed.

If, for any reason, this popup does not appear, you can view your code by selecting the title in your Steam library, right-clicking the entry and choosing the option "View CD key."

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