9/2/15: Evolve 5.1 Patch Notes


Ahoy, Hunters!

We've just released the latest patch for Evolve. Please check out the notes below to see what it contains. 



  • PS4
    • Hunt 2.0 matchmakes based off Glicko score instead of your rank.
  • Hunt 2.0 - Fixed to UI not correctly displaying the highest ranked opponent that has been beaten


  • Fixes for various memory leaks
  • Additional security measures for PC
  • Balance text changes - changes to Ability text based on balance change


  • Hunters (all)
    • Fix for ammo consumption while rapidly switching weapons 
  • Slim
    • Slim's healing burst should no longer gain energy too quickly 
  • Laz
    • Laz will now get interrupted by Kraken air attacks when he tries to res while having a shield on.
  • Sunny
    • Sunny's shield drone will no longer push her out of the dome or map.
  • Bucket
    • Fix to prevent Bucket from stacking sentry guns


  • Wraith
    • • Wraith Teleport Fix:
      • o Wraith should not target hunters when warping near them and pointing the targeting reticule somewhere away from them.
  • Behemoth
    • Lava Bomb
      • Droplets do not cause knockback.
  • Kraken
    • Kraken would always be recharging stamina regardless of what they delay had been set to
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