What is VC and how does it work?


VC stands for Virtual Currency, which you can earn throughout the various game modes in NBA 2K16 to spend on a wide variety of content throughout the game. VC is spent within the game store, on things like -to name a few items- MyPLAYER attributes, virtual goods (like uniforms and equipment), apparel and animation packages that grant your character new moves to perform.

VC can be spent in many game modes, including MyCAREER (for apparel, signature animation packages and more), MyTEAM (for opening packs and more) and MyGM.

There are several ways to earn VC, including playing online matches or progressing through the MyCAREER mode when you’re connected to the internet. Additionally, playing the MyNBA2K16 mobile app (available on both iOS and Android) will allow you to earn extra VC that can be spent in the main game on your console once you connect your account to both.

However, players are also able to spend real money on VC, should they wish to accumulate the in-game currency at an accelerated rate. There are multiple options for purchasing VC based on the amount you would like to gain.

It’s important to note that you must be connected to the internet for VC to be accrued.

Additionally, please check out the below infographic for more information. 

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