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With the launch of NBA 2K16's companion app, MyNBA2K16, we're aware that some of you have questions about the game. As a result, we have assembled some frequently asked questions.

Read on to learn more about MyNBA2K16, with the questions broken down by section.


How do I connect MyNBA2K16 with NBA 2K16?

In order to connect your NBA 2K16 account to MyNBA2K16, you will need a valid NBA 2K16 account. When you play NBA 2K16 you must get through the initial part of the game to the Main Menu in order to have a valid save readable by MyNBA2K16. When you log in to MyNBA2K16 be sure to enter the same login information as you used on NBA 2K16.


How do I earn VC in MyNBA2K16?

You can win VC in the MyNBA2K16 app by playing the Daily VC Bonus, picking the winning teams in Pick and Win, participating in Quick Games, and completing VC Goals.

How Do I Earn VC With the Daily VC Bonus?

You can earn VC every day through a feature called, the Daily VC Bonus. Available in the NBA 2K16 side of the app under the "Earn VC" tab, the Daily VC Bonus presents you with an array of cards lying face down on a board. Each of these cards either contains an amount of VC, a Contract, or a Level Up card. Daily, you can pick three cards off the board and uncover what they have to offer. If you match three types of any card, you'll win the prize amount shown. If you tap "Get Prize," you'll retrieve the award.

By using the storage functionality on the left-hand side of the Daily VC Bonus, you can "hold" up to three cards. If you use this, you can even further maximize your rewards by placing the right one at the right time.

You can receive up to 1500 VC a day.

How Do I Earn VC In Pick And Win?

Available later this Fall once the 2016 NBA season begins, Pick and Win will allow you to collect VC. Every day, you'll be able to enter into Pick and Win via the NBA 2K16 side of the app and select the teams that you think will their real world games the following day. You'll win 50 VC for each selection you have correct.

Why Is Pick And Win "Coming Soon?"

Pick and Win will become available once the 2015-2016 NBA season Begins. Until that time, you can play the Pick and Win tutorial, but the mode will not be open until the NBA season stars.

How Do I Earn VC In Quick Game mode?

Every day, you can earn up to 500 VC by participating in Quick Games of MyNBA2K16, available in the MyTeam Mobile side of the app. You can start a Quick Game inside Earn VC directly then pick an opponent, and compete in a card battle. Regardless of if you win or lose the battle, you earn 50 VC for the match-up. The daily maximum is 500 VC.

How Do I Earn VC With VC Goals?

Inside Earn VC, you can see what VC Goal you’re trying to accomplish. Tapping it will take you to the Goals screen where you can look at the details of completing the Goal.

VC Goals vary and refresh randomly as you complete them. Here's an example of a goal:

Pick and Win Novice
Pick 5 Winners in Pick and Win
Reward: 250 VC

In order to complete these, you will need to pick five winners in Pick and Win when the feature is available. If you complete the Goal, visit the Goals menu and click the Goal to retrieve the reward. Some Goals are longer than others, but the rewards get better as the Goals get tougher to complete.

What if I don’t like the VC Goal I am assigned? Can I skip it?

If you don't want to complete an assigned Goal, you can skip any Goal by tapping the "Reroll Goal" button next to it. It costs 500 RP to reroll a Goal, and you will lose all progress on the current Goal.


What Are Foil Cards?

Foil cards are one of the two types of cards in MyNBA2K16. Foil cards function the same as Basic cards, but sport a uniquely flashy look and specialize in two-to-four stats, instead of just one specialization on Basic cards. The specialization range is randomly rolled when a Foil is received. Basic cards always specialize in just one stat, so the "bonus" specializations that Foils have can be huge in competition.

How Do I Get A Foil Card?

Foil cards drop very rarely from the Draft Board and Season rewards. You can also buy Foils with Credits in the MyNBA2K16 store.

What Are Basic Cards?

Basic cards are normal player cards that feature NBA players' images and stats across multiple rarities. Basic cards specialize in one stat, which is decided randomly when you receive a Basic card. These are the most common cards in MyNBA2K16 and form the backbone of the card battle component.

Basic cards can be pulled from the Draft Board, won as Season Rewards, purchased with RP or Credits in card packs, and purchased with RP on the game's Auction House.

What Are Specializations?

Specializations are a randomly determined area of emphasis on your cards' stats. A specialized stat will have a ‘+’ next to it and a heavier border around the stat. Basic cards specialize in one stat. Foil cards specialize in two-to-four stats.

Specialization raises the stat a few extra points. The main benefit of Specialization is that it increases the chance of your Ability to trigger. When you play a card in a Quarter that matches the specialization on the card, then your Ability trigger percentage increases. The amount of the increase is dependent on your specialization’s level. A fully-leveled specialization can more than double your trigger percentage, making Abilities fire off very frequently in play.

For example, if you play a card with an OFF specialization during a 3-Point Shot event, it will have a 4% greater chance its Ability will trigger. If a card has multiple abilities, this bonus effect stacks.

You can upgrade the level of a Specialization with a Specialization Upgrade card.

What's A Spec Upgrade Card?

Spec Upgrade cards raise the level of all Specializations on a player card. This increases the stat bonus and increases the Ability Trigger percentage effect that occurs when you play a card's specialization in a quarter that calls for that specialization. Every specialization starts off at level 1 and can be raised 5 times.

A non-Pro card can increase Specialization to level 3. A Pro card gets 3 more levels. Fully leveled Specializations on a card can drastically increase the Trigger % of Abilities.

It is important to note that the stat increase gained from Specializations does not affect a Pro card’s stats, so don't worry about losing anything.

What Are Ability Cards?

An Ability Card is a special card that can be applied to Basic and Foil Player cards, granting them a special ability to use in a game. There are a wide range of Ability Cards, each of which modifies a single stat or multiple stats. For example, the Defensive Anchor Ability Card fires off a defensive boost. All Abilities affect your Team so Abilities on weaker cards can still help your team out even if the player card loses that quarter. So plan out your deck!

Abilities Trigger % is based on the rarity of the player card. Playing a card's Specialization during a quarter that matches the specialized stat can also raise the Trigger %. Once an Ability Card runs out of charges, it's consumed.

You can collect additional Ability Cards from the Draft Board and card packs.

What Is Stat Charging?

Stat Charging temporarily increases the stats of a card in Quick Games or Seasons. In order to Stat Charge a card, you need a Basic or Foil card that specializes in the rating you want to increase. Then, you have to apply it to your card.

You can Stat Charge in Seasons or in Exhibition play. The number of charges a card can hold is dependent on the card’s rarity. Higher rarity cards can hold more charges.

When Is A Stat Charge Used?

Charges are used whenever that player’s stat is called in a Quick Game or Season game.

What Are Extras?

Extras are Ability cards, Spec Upgrades, Energy, Wild cards, Level Up cards, and Contracts. Note that Star contracts do not drop from the Board.


What Are Goals? How Do I Complete Them?

Goals are objective-focused tasks that dish out RP or VC depending on the Goal you complete. You can tell what kind of reward you can win by looking at the currency pane on the left-hand side of the Goal in the Goals menu.

There are three Goals available at any time. Two of those goals reward RP for the MyTeam Mobile side of the app, where as the third dishes out VC that can be used in NBA 2K16. Goals take many forms. Some may reward you for Quick Selling. Others may reward you for drafting a specific amount of positions and rarities from the board.

When you complete a Goal, interact with the panel to claim the reward. You can complete one Goal from each slot every day -- and you can skip Goals that you don't want to do by using 500 RP.

If you complete all the Goals for a day, you can check back the next day for new ones.


My Quick Game tier is at Ultra Rare, but my Daily Picker is only showing up to a Super Rare Enhancement drop. Why?

The contents of the Daily Picker are fixed once you pick the first card from it and remains fixed until you pick the highest card that was set at the start. Once you collect that highest card, the Picker refills and will advance to your current QG tier.

For example, if you're in Super Rare and begin picking, the contents of the Daily Picker will reflect that. If you move to Ultra Rare in the meanwhile, the contents won't change to Ultra Rare until the Super Rare Enhancement is picked.


What Are Credits? How Do I Get Them?

Credits are one of the two types of currency that can be used in MyNBA2K16. With Credits you can buy card parks with powerful Foil versions of cards, purchase Assistant Managers in Seasons, purchase Picks from the Daily Picker, and Game Nights in Road to the Championship. You can also exchange Credits for RP.

Credits can only be purchased as an In App Purchase (IAP).

What is RP? How Do I Get It?

RP (or Rewards Points) are one of the two types of currency that can be used in the app. You can use RP to buy card packs from Get Cards, purchase cards from the Auction House, Hot Streaks for events, and Season Energy refills.

You can obtain RP from several different sources including Seasons, Goals, the Auction House, and Quick Selling.

How Do I Quick Sell A Card?

To Quick Sell a card for RP, tap on to the MyCARDS button in the MyTeam Mobile side of the app and select "Quick Sell" after swiping to the card you'd like to sell. You'll then get a confirmation message that lists the price and asks if you want to finish the transaction. Once a card is sold, it's gone forever.

Can I Raise The Value Of A Card For Quick Sells?

Yes, you can. A basic and foil card's value is based on its stats at the time of a sell. So, a trained card is worth more than a card without any training.

Is There A Limit To Quick Selling?

The daily limit is 2500 RP. The weekly limited is 10,000 RP. The timer on these limits begins with your first Quick Sell.

Can I convert Credits to RP and vice versa?

Credits can be converted to RP from within the "Other" tab in "Get Cards." RP cannot be converted back to Credits.


What's a reset? How do I pull better cards?

At the end of a Quick Game, you'll see the Draft Board. This is a set of 25 cards lying face down. One of those cards is a "reset," guaranteed to be a Rare (or better) Player Card or a Support. As you win games in events or Quick Game, you'll earn picks that you can use to reveal and collect these cards. Once you pull the Rare (or better) card, the board resets and presents you with 25 new cards.

Your deck rating determines the maximum rarity of a card that you can pull as a reset. If you're playing with an UR deck, a UR card is the maximum rarity of the reset. It often takes multiple resets to pull a card within your tier.

If I pick a Rare+ Ability card does it reset my Draft Board?

No, it does not. There are two cards on a fresh Draft Board that contain “Extras” cards. If these Extras are pulled, they do not reset the board.

If I pick a Rare+ Ability card does it count as my guaranteed pull and reset my counter towards a card in my tier?

No, it does not count for either. Ability cards are an Extras card and no matter their rarity they do not count as resetting your board, and do not advance the guaranteed pull counter.


What are events?

Events are themed and time-limited competitions that offer opportunities to collect cards. Oftentimes, the top card offered is an exclusive card to the event. Events begin with a "pre-game" period so you can check out rewards. This pre-game period is followed by a live period that lets you compete. Check out the clock for the event to see when it begins.

What is Rivals Clash?

Rivals Clash is a real-time, leaderboards-based event that features a head-to-head match-up between two NBA teams. As you compete, your wins are tallied into an overall score for the team you choose to represent. At the end of the event, the winning team's rewards are dealt to all players participating regardless of what team they are playing for.

The higher you rank on the leaderboards, the better the rewards.

Will Road to the Championship events be a part of MyNBA2K16?

Yes, in future updates we will be bringing this event back to MyNBA2K16.

What is a Season?

Much like in MyNBA2K15’s Season mode, MyNBA2K16’s Season pits you against other players in a multi-day competition with 82 regular season games and a 16-team elimination tournament to determine the champion. As games are played, your cards slowly lose energy. You can refill that energy with Energy Cards, which can be collected from the draft board. To get a strategic edge, you can “boost” your cards to blow past the competition by Stat Charging. When the dust clears in a Season, the highest-placed contenders receive awesome rewards.

What's new in Seasons?

Seasons now require an 18-card (15 player cards and 3 Supports) active line-up split across three “lines.” Each line consists of two sections: a Front Court and a Back Court. Front Courts consist of Centers, Small Forwards, and Power Forwards. Back Courts are composed of Point Guards and Shooting Guards. Each of your three lines needs two Front Court players and three Back court players in addition to a single support. Each support is used in their line only.

During Season game Quarters, the cards in your lines will be called to play in either solo or two-versus-two events. Two-versus-two events always include one Front Court and one Back Court player. In these events, only cards within the same line can be paired. Scoring for two-versus-two and solo events count for an equal amounts of the overall score. Twelve-to-14 player cards will be used per game, so you’ll want to have all your best out there participating.

In Seasons, you can Stat Charge your cards to gain an advantage.


How Do I Pro A Card?

Pro'ing a card requires two things: a contract and a number of duplicate cards dictated by the strength of the contract that you're using. The duplicate cards must be a duplicate of the main card you're trying to Pro.

Once you've assembled all the materials for a Pro, simply visit the MyCard tab, locate the card, and select the Sign a Pro button.

How Many Duplicate Cards Do I need for A Rookie, Veteran, or Star Contract?

In total, there are three types of contracts: Rookie, Veteran, and Star. Rookie Contracts require four duplicate cards. A Veteran contract requires three duplicate cards to make a Pro. And, finally, a Star contract requires only two.

What are Wild Cards?

Wild Cards are extremely valuable cards that take the place of a player card in a Contract. For example, if you want to Pro a Lebron James card with a Star contract and don’t have any duplicates, you can place a Wild Card in the remaining slot and complete the Pro.

Wild Cards drop very rarely from the Draft Board and drop rarely in Card Packs.


Can I buy VC for the console game in the app?

No, you cannot. However, you can collect free VC via the Daily VC Bonus, Pick and Win games, VC Goals, and playing Quick Games.

Are VC, RP, and Credits the same thing?

No, VC is the currency used in the NBA 2K16 console game. Credits and RP are the currency specific to the MyNBA2K16 companion app used for purchases.

I've played [X] number of games and haven't received an awesome card in my tier. What's up?

On the Draft Board, card pulls are random; not evenly random, but a fixed random percentage that the reset card will be a Rare card. If a Rare card is determined, the game's invisible dice then determine if it will be a higher rarity. Once rarity is determined, another random roll determines which card it is from that pool of rarity.

This process has nothing to do with the number of games you've played.

Does my MyNBA2K15 deck and Credits carry over to MyNBA2K16?

No, MyNBA2K15 and MyNBA2K16 are separate companion apps.



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