What's In DLC 7?


Hello, Hunters!

We've got some good news for you: Evolve's seventh downloadable content pack ("DLC 7") just launched today, which includes a new Hunter to help keep Shear safe with. 

Here's what's included in DLC 7:

  • New Hunter- Emet, a repurposed medical drone made ready for battle, wielding an all-new set of weapons and healing gadgets, including:
    • The Replay Cannon: Fires an explosive dart that tags a target and rapidly fires several homing missiles at it.
    • Healing Buoys: Can be deployed in the field to regenerate health for nearby allies. When Emet uses his medic Heal Burst, a more powerful burst erupts from the buoys.
    • The Respawn Beacon: Teleports Hunters directly from the dropship, reducing respawn times to a mere 30 seconds.
  • Two Free Character Adaptations- In addition to Emet, two free character adaptations will join the Evolve lineup in the coming weeks:
    • Tech Sergeant Hank: His strength is his ability to prepare his team for combat with his new Shield Charger, and deals damage with continuous laser beams from his Orbital Drill and Laser Cutter.
    • Wasteland Maggie: She'll heat up the battle with a single Flame Snare harpoon trap and a Burst Pistol that fires molten bullets, both of which light enemies on fire. Additionally, Daisy now deals damage with a flamethrower backpack that will roast monsters when they get too close. 

For complete details on Emet, Tech Sergeant Hank and Wasteland Maggie, visit the Evolve blog at http://evolvegame.com.  

Players new to Evolve can obtain all currently available and announced playable characters, including Emet, as part of the Evolve: Ultimate Edition. Available now at select North American and Latin American retailers, the Evolve: Ultimate Edition includes the base game, Monster Expansion Pack, Hunting Season 1 and Hunting Season 2.

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