What's in DLC 8?


What's up, Hunters?

We've got a brand new piece of content for Evolve ("DLC 8"), which features a brand new character to go up against the game's Monsters. 

Dr. Kala Kapur is an expert on Monster biology, one who's spliced their DNA into her own genome in order to use the Monsters' abilities in battle. Her array of unique abilities include:

  • Siren Missiles – an improvement on Kraken technology, these airborne missiles home in on nearby enemies. When placed on the ground, they become more powerful, slower moving homing mines;
  • Teleport Pads – an improvement on Wraith technology, these pads create rifts that allow teammates to move instantaneously from one part of the map to another;
  • Armor Reducer – using Goliath’s armor technology, the Armor Reducer shoots a beam which temporarily eliminates the Monster’s armor. The armor quickly regenerates once the beam connection breaks.

If you already purchased either Evolve: Ultimate Edition or the Hunting season 2 Pack, Kala should automatically become available in your copy of the game.

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