An Update on the Future Stars DLC patch fix for Universe Mode


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For those not aware, the WWE 2K16 Future Stars pack DLC has affected some users’ Universe Mode save files. The development team has been working tirelessly and a patch fix has been created. We are working with Sony and Microsoft to deliver the fix to players as quickly as possible. We’ll let you know as soon as we have an update regarding the timing of the release. Below are a few details about the upcoming fix.


Once a player installs the upcoming patch fix:

  • WWE Universe changes will now save properly when exiting the mode or restarting the title
  • Users who did not previously install the WWE 2K16 Future Stars Pack and install Patch 5 before installing the DLC should not encounter any issues in WWE Universe
  • Users who installed the WWE 2K16 Future Stars Pack on Patch 4 and encountered issues with Universe elements resetting will not be able to recover their exact pre-Future Stars Pack installation WWE Universe save state.  Ongoing rivalries, calendar changes, and Championship changes that were previously set will not be restored automatically.  All impacted items can be manually readjusted. Additionally, affected users should not have to reset their entire Universe save state to continue playing the mode, which will now save changes properly.
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