My MyPARK Reputation Meter Seems Frozen


Hello, all you All-Stars!

We've received a number of questions about the MyPARK reputation meter in NBA 2K16 because it appears players' progress has frozen. Here's the Reader's Digest version of the post: Don't panic, your progress isn't frozen. 

So we've put this post together in order to explain how it works. 

The MyPARK reputation meter helps players keep track of their hard work and grinding progress.

There are four major categories you'll move through:

  • Rookie 1-5
  • Pro 1-5
  • All-Star 1-5
  • Legend 1-5

As you progress and reach the higher Legend ranks, you'll notice it takes much more time to rank up. Here is a little more info on how the Rep Bar works and a few things to consider if you believe that your MyPARK reputation meter is either frozen or no longer progressing as it used to.

In MyPARK mode, your reputation meter is not an actual representation of your Reputation Level.

Instead, it's a representation of the progress you are making toward reaching the next available MyPARK Rank.

This means the meter fills and changes only after you've reached a significant milestone in your progress towards the next MyPARK rank.

So, what does that mean? Well, it means the onscreen rep bar you see moves extremely slowly and sometimes shows no obvious signs of progression. As you begin to rank up, the amount of Reputation Points needed to progress to the next level increases drastically which means that it now progresses in increments and may take a while until the next bit notches up.

Even if the meter itself does not visually move after several well-played matches (or even win streaks), don’t worry! All Reputation Points are indeed recorded onto players' accounts. Because the amount of Reputations Points awarded for each match is relatively small in amount, they may not make enough of a significant impact on the Reputation Meter until it notches up.

Your Rep depends on the following factors:

  • Amount of wins
  • Teammate and opponents' grade
  • When traveling to Rivals' parks, players need to be at least Pro 3
  • Rep can also be lost due to poor teammate grade, quitting games or even losing on a Rival park's court
  • Switching affiliations will reset Rep back to Rookie 1

Additionally, you should know that more Rep is earned when playing and winning against comparatively higher-ranked players than lower-ranked ones. Adversely, more Rep is lost when playing and losing against comparatively lower-ranked players than higher-ranked folks.

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