Why Isn't The Gear I'm Buying In Battleborn Tap Showing Up In Battleborn?


If you've been playing Battleborn Tap on your mobile device, you may have noticed that there's an in-game Shop where you can purchase loot packs. 

These loot packs contain gear that you can equip to the Battleborn you hire in the game. In order to purchase them, you need to spend Credits. Credits can be earned in-game by performing tasks, or you can spend money in the Shop to purchase Credit Packs. 

At this time, content from Battleborn Tap does not cross over to the main Battleborn game on consoles and PC. If you buy a loot pack, neither it nor the gear you've earned will transfer over to Battleborn on your platform of choice. Likewise, any credits you purchase in Battleborn Tap won't cross over to Battleborn, or vice versa. 

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