Read This If You Played The Early Access Preview


Hello there, all you Badasses!

If you played in the Early Access Preview of Battleborn, you need to delete your user profile data before playing the final/retail version of the game.

The Early Access version of Battleborn uses the same user profile files as the full retail version of the game. If you’ve played in Early Access and launch the main Battleborn game without deleting your user profile data, you will NOT see the link to play the Prologue mission and won't be able to queue into other parts of the game because you "haven’t played the prologue yet." That means you won’t have any characters unlocked.

If you don't delete this user data, you will be in a bugged state with no characters unlocked. Here's how to delete your user profile data:

  1. Go to C:\Users<my name>\Documents\My Games
  2. Delete the entire "Battleborn" folder in the My Games folder.
  3. The folder will be re-created next time Battleborn launches.


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