Who Do I Contact About Tales From The Borderlands?


Hey there, Vault Hunter.

If you're confused about who to reach out to regarding support for Tales From The Borderlands, don't worry. Ol' Handsome Jack is happy to help you get in touch with the right people so he can get back to ordering you minions around. 

Tales from the Borderlands is developed by the fine folks over Telltale Games. If you bought a digital copy of the title (on either a console or Steam), head over to their support center.

However, if you bought a physical copy (including a physical copy of the game for PC, which uses Steam authentication) from a local retailer (or the 2K Store), you're in the right place.  We have a list of known issues over here, and if your problem isn't listed there, please fill out a support ticket with us

NOTE: Please don't tell Handsome Jack we called him old. 


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