What’s Included in Evolve Stage 2?


Hey there, Hunters! As you now know, Evolve on PC is now staging up into Evolve Stage 2. Some of you may be wondering what this entails, as well as how this is different from the console version of the game.

In a nutshell: Evolve Stage 2 is now free on Steam. Players who previously purchased a copy of Evolve will be granted Founder Status, which we’ve detailed over in this post. Not only can players unlock new Characters with Silver Keys, but we will also be featuring a free rotating set of characters on weekly basis. 

Below is a breakdown of what’s going to be available in Evolve Stage 2. You can find a more detailed explanation about all the new features over here in the Turtle Rock Forums.

NOTE: Everything in the Evolve Stage 2 beta can be unlocked by simply playing the game.

  • Weekly Free Character Rotation
    • Each week features four Hunters and one Monster available to play for free. We switch the characters up every week.
    • If you’re new to Evolve Stage 2, you’ll always have at least four Hunters and one Monster to play. You’ll also unlock two additional characters by completing the Markov and Goliath tutorials!
  • Silver Keys
    • Silver keys are the new earned currency of Evolve Stage 2. You can earn them by playing matches, completing Challenges, signing in every day, and leveling up your account and character progression.
    • Silver Keys can be spent to permanently unlock Hunters, Monsters, Skins, and Perks.
    • Silver Keys are tied to your profile, and cannot be transferred to another player.
  • Hunter Skins
    • There are plenty of new ways to express yourself with new Hunter skins.
    • You can equip separate Weapon Skins and Hunter skins simultaneously.
  • Account Progression
    • We've introduced account level progression; everyone will start out at level 1.
    • The max level for account progression is level 30: on the way, you’ll unlock unique badges and Silver Keys rewards.
  • Character Progression
    • Each Character (both Hunters and Monsters) has a unique level progression tied to the character.
    • There are 40 levels per character: Progressing through the character levels will unlock Silver Keys, badges, and perks.
  • Masteries
    • We’ve removed Masteries and Steam Achievements from Evolve Stage 2.
  • Shared Dome
    • In the game’s Hunt Mode, the Mobile Arena is now a team-wide ability for Hunters. It’s no longer exclusive to the Trapper.
    • If a Hunter damages the Monster or is within a certain range, a prompt will appear to Dome the Monster.
    • After a short cast time, the Dome will be deployed over the Monster's current location.
    • The Dome’s cooldown is 80 seconds, which is shared across all Hunters.
  • New Hunter Class Abilities
    • There are a variety of new Hunter abilities, which you can read in detail over on the official Turtle Rock forums.
  • Map Redesigns
    • We’ve redesigned and rebuilt four maps (Orbital Drill, Wraith Trap, Distillery, and Weather Control). These revisions include (but aren’t limited to) increasing their size, optimizing/improving weather, and cleaning up the vegetation/brush so vision isn’t obscured.
  • Game Modes
    • We’ve removed the Defend, Nest, Rescue, and Evacuation modes from Evolve Stage 2. These modes can be found in Legacy Evolve, which is still available if you previously owned the game on Steam.
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