What Exactly Is “Founder” Status?


Hello, Hunters!

With the launch of Evolve: Stage 2, you may be wondering what “Founder Status” is.

Long story short, Founder Status is a special status created to thank and reward those Evolve players who owned the game and supported us before the game staged up.

Going forward, Founders will receive special in-game items, currency, and other goodies.

Starting out, Founders will receive the following in Evolve: Stage 2.

  • 3,000 Silver Keys
  • All past and future Adaptations for previously-owned Hunters and Monsters
  • Dozens of Weapon Skins
  • Four unique, animated, Founder Badges
  • Dozens of Perks, both for Hunters and Monsters
  • Any Hunters, Monsters, and/or Skins previously owned will be carried over to Evolve: Stage 2

If you aren’t a Founder (read: You didn’t previously own Evolve on PC), you’ll start fresh and have to unlock the game’s content as you go.

You can see a more detailed breakdown of what Founders will receive over here at the official Evolve site


Checking for Founders Status

We've got a few comments about not having Founder Status being granted. If you're having any issues with your Founder Status, here are some things to check before reporting any issues to 2K Support.

Make sure you have Founder Status checked in your Steam client. The image below shows where this can be found. If it isn't checked, make sure you click the box to make sure your Founders status is 'on' and it should update in game. If not be sure to send a ticket over to my2K Support to try and resolve the issue.


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