How Do I Acquire Silver Keys?


With the launch of Evolve: Stage 2, you may be wondering how to acquire Silver Keys in the game so you permanently unlock some of those sweet, sweet characters and skins. Don’t worry, we’re here to help explain things. 

You can only earn Silver Keys within the game itself.

There are the various ways to earn Silver Keys:

Daily Log Ins

Logging in and playing Evolve: Stage 2 every day will earn you credit in the Monthly Punch Card. Each day you log in, you’ll receive a reward for the corresponding day on the Punch Card. Rewards include Silver Keys, but you can also receive things like Badges, Skins, and Characters.

Additionally, if you’ve already unlocked a Punch Card reward, you’ll instead be granted a percentage of that reward’s current value in Silver Keys.


Evolve: Stage 2 contains daily and periodic challenges that will reward you with Silver Keys as you complete them. An example of this would be “Win a match as Assault, Trapper, or Wraith.”

NOTE: You can’t complete Challenges in solo or custom games. That said: custom games in Training WILL provide you with a limited amount of Silver Keys and XP every day.

Leveling Up

As you level up your in-game profile, you’ll be able to earn more Silver Keys as rewards for reaching certain milestones.

Regular Gameplay

We want to reward you for doing what you love best: Playing Evolve: Stage 2 will earn you Silver Keys after every match. As we previously mentioned, solo and custom games will limit your Silver Key payout, but if you play in regular online matches you can keep earning the currency throughout the day.




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